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Sri Krishnanjaneya Yuddham Full Length Telugu Movie || N.T.Rama Rao

Movie: Sri Krishnanjaneya Yuddham,
Cast: Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Devika, Vanisri, Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao, S. V. Ranga Rao, Rajanala
Director: C S Rao,
Music: T V Raju,
Release Date: 1972.

This Hindu mythological movie is based on Lord Anjaneya's devotion towards Lord Rama who later finds Rama in Lord Krishna. The movie begins with how the pride of Pandavas (Arjuna & Bhima) is destroyed by Hanuma and later Garuda in search of his daily food and finds a Naga Kanya as his prey. Naga Kanya is guided by Narada to go to Hanuma for help where she becomes safe. Garuda reports this to Lord Krishna and his wives Rukmini & Satyabhama. Krishna sends out a warning to Hanuman to release Naga Kanya for garuda's prey. But Hanuma doesn't care for his warning & continues to protect Naga Kanya. This leads to a war between them as Hanuma doesn't recognise Rama in Krishna at first. Sathyabhama disguised as Sita tries to mislead Hanuma but fails. Later how the war gets stopped and Naga Kanya is saved forms the rest of the story.

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Sri Krishnanjaneya Yuddham Full Length Telugu Movie || N.T.Rama Rao || Ganesh Videos - DVD Rip

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